Thursday, July 19, 2018

SDCC 2018: Kelly Sue DeConnick To Wipes Aquaman's Memory As New Writer!

Aquaman is about to wash up on an island with no memory of who he is and a new creative team on the book, writer Kelly Sur DeConnick and Robson Rocha. But Arthur Curry will discover that he is not alone on the island, he will meet former sea gods that have been forgotten and stranded on the island as well.

"The story itself starts with him washing up on this mysterious island, he’s got amnesia, he doesn’t know who he is and so he’s got to discover that he’s the king of the seven seas again. And how that happens, and he meets all these other people on this island who are mysterious and very unusual and you find out that these people are sea gods, they are gods of the sea that have been thrown out from the very angry ocean. I think I spoke too much ... These sea gods from different mythologies and cultures from all around the world that have become forgotten and thrown out by an angry ocean."
— Jim Lee, Co-Publisher DC Comics
"It’s in many ways a reexamination of who the character is and it’s similar to [the Daredevil comic] Born Again or Batman: Year One. It’s a reexamination of what makes the character tick. She started talking about him having mother issues because his mother came from the sea and then leaves him and so every day he goes to the pier and looks for his mother and can communicate with all the sea life and he can command them to come to him, but the only person that he can’t command is his mother. And so what kind of hold does that leave on his psyche."
— Jim Lee, Co-Publisher DC Comics

Currently no art or release date has been given, the current Aquaman series by writer Dan Abnett is solicited through September's Aquaman #40. Aquaman will make the fourth founding Justice League member to get a new creative team this year with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and both Superman and Action Comics.

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