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Kickstart the Week with Like Father, Like Daughter Collected Edition TPB

By: Nicole D’Andria

Now you can get over 100 pages of Like Father, Like Daughter stories in the special collected edition on Kickstarter! I spoke with the creative team, including Comic Frontline’s very own Comic Uno Kathryn Calamia, about their successful project and the journey they’ve taken from issue to issue.

The Like Father, Like Daughter collected trade paperback features the first four issues of the series and additional never-before-seen short stories. It’s a story about the importance of family… and superpowers! Casey Ryder starts out as your typical teenage girl, except her father is the world’s only superhero, Invulnerable. He left her family when she was young to be a hero to the people, and Casey hated him for it. But when she begins to develop powers of her own, she suddenly finds her father back in her life, bringing a bunch of other problems along the way!

The series is part of the indieverse established by ShortFuse Media (Nightwasp, Stealth). It was created and written by Kathryn "Comic Uno" Calamia, writer of They Call Her...The Dancer. She is accompanied by artist Wayne Brown of Lesbian Zombies fame.

The Kickstarter has already reached its $3,000 goal and is accepting pledges up until September 15, 2018 at 6:00 PM EDT. Rewards include digital ($10) and physical ($20) copies of the TPB, an Invulnerable Uniform T-shirt ($35) and special variant covers galore! See more reward tiers on the official Kickstarter page for Like Father, Like Daughter.

Join in for my conversation with writer Kat Cal and artist Wayne Brown.

Kathryn Calamia
Me: For people unfamiliar with the series, how would you sell it to them in 100 words or less?

Calamia: Jim Ryder, a father with superpowers, leaves his wife and daughter to become “Invulnerable” - the world’s only superhero. Ten years later his daughter, Casey, discovers that she has inherited the very superpowers that made her father leave their family. Looking for answers about her abilities she reconnects with the father whom she hates.

Me: What can you tell us about the never-before-seen companion stories in this TPB?

Calamia: There's a really cool story that actually came out of our last Kickstarter campaign for Like Father, Like Daughter #4. It will feature female heroes from across the indieverse. I can’t wait for our comic book series to celebrate these heroes. 

Unreleased Story Interior Page

Me: When you first started Like Father, Like Daughter, did you have an idea where the story would go and did any of your plans for the series change as it went along?

Calamia: I had a general sense of what the first story arc would bring, and had a general sense of where I wanted to take the series after that story. 

And I would say a lot has changed since my original conception of the series. There are two big twists coming in our next arc that were really fun figuring out while writing the first two story arcs of the series.

I would also say Stephanie as a character has really changed and developed from the beginning. She has truly become my favorite character of the series. Originally she was just a character created to support Casey, and now she’s really become her own person. We learn about her love for music that we saw develop a bit in our web comic, which we are looking to include in the trade, and we will see more of this passion in issue 5. Another thing we will be exploring with her character is her sexuality, and I feel like we have a really powerful story coming up for her that I hope people will be able to relate to.  

Like Father Like Daughter #4 Page 3

Me: How would you say your writing has changed from issue 1 of the series to this TPB?

Calamia: Oh wow, a lot! I would especially say in the way I write dialogue, and I just know these characters more after writing them for about five years now. I’ve grown a lot as a writer since issue 1. I feel like the series improves with every issue. I love seeing that. 

Me: What are your future plans for the series after the TPB?

Calamia: Hopefully getting issues out to you quicker, and we can only do that with everyone’s growing support. So I really appreciate that. This campaign has the most backers compared to any of the past Like Father, Like Daughter campaigns - and as I write this we aren’t even halfway through with the Kickstarter. 

Casey and Invulnerable Figures + Variant Casey Figure
Me: If you had to pick a comic book hero to be your dad/superhero mentor, who would you choose and why?

Calamia: I want to say Spider-Man, but he doesn’t have much time for his personal life. So I’m going to say Superman. He seems to be able to balance his life the best. 

Me: What is the number one reason why you think people should pledge money to your comic?

Calamia: Indie comic books need your backing the most. We are all just trying to make our comic book dreams come true, and your support is the number 1 way to make this a reality. 

Wayne Brown
Me: What have been some of your favorite pages to create over the course of this TPB? 

Brown: Wow! Tough choices, so many I loved drawing and inking, it’s so hard to pick. I will say every page in issue #5, which I just finished. This book is probably one of my best ever done. I really got to let loose, and let out a lot of great artwork. 

But since it’s only the TPB, ummm… the scenes with... oh man! I can’t pick just one... um… how about the top five? 
#1: Pages 9-14 in issue 4 the house where invulnerable lived. Loved doing that scene a lot. 
#2: Opening of issue 3 with the emo boy in pain. 
#3: pages 17-18 from issue 1, Casey falling into the Garbage a classic.
#4: At the diner in issue 4 classic, with Wes's bromance on Invulnerable. 
#5: The end of Issue 1, where we see a solitary image of a hero, when he’s not a hero. 
#6: Everything in-between and beyond. 

Like Father, Like Daughter #2 Cover

Me: How would you say your art style has changed from issue 1 of the series to this TPB? 

Brown: Night to day I think. When I started I was trying to keep a super clean look/ I was very tight; now I’m more loose and cartoony with my style. I’m enjoying it more. 

When I started I was shaky, trying hard to keep the characters consistent. I was really an outsider in the first few issues. I don’t think I said two words to Kat back in those days; it was just a script e-mailed to me and a deadline. Everything went through the editor’s hands. So I didn’t know what she liked or didn’t like about my artwork. 

But now, I talk to Kat like once a week or so. We go back-and-forth on these issues and bounce around how things should look and we’re both on the same page as to how this book should look, making me more confident in my storytelling in this story. I’ve also come to know the characters and I’ve become so comfortable with who they are and how they are that I could draw them doing anything. I feel so good about my work these days.

It’s been a long time getting to this stage in my career. I can’t wait to show you what’s next. But if you’re on my Patreon page, or DeviantArt page, you’ll see more of what I’m doing now. Wink wink... 

Like Father Like Daughter #2 Interior page

Me: If you had to pick a comic book hero to be your dad/superhero mentor, who would you choose and why?

Brown: Oh,.. tough one. I want to say Superman. He has such a great philosophy he’s like Gandhi, with superpowers! Who doesn’t like that!!!! He really has the same message as John Lennon and Gandhi, that hope, peace and love are always going to win out over evil and despair, always. That’s the way I want to live my life. I want that for my kids, for everyone really. 

Me: What is the number one reason why you think people should pledge money to your comic?

Brown: To keep it going! I can’t wait to do more, I can’t wait for people to see more. I want to take these book to another level. I can’t wait to shoot issue 6 with Kat and really blow this thing up! I get so excited doing these books I hate having to wait for it to be published, but we need the support to make that happen, so very important. It’s not just the money, it’s support showing that this book has what it takes to succeed, to be great. So I hope they not only pledge money but tell their friends to read it too. Share what pages they think are cool with others. 

Like Father, Like Daughter Cover Gallery

Me: Thanks for your time, Kat and Wayne, and congrats on already reaching your Kickstarter goal! If you’re reading this and interested in pledging to their Kickstarter, check it out here.

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