Monday, October 22, 2018

Short Fuse Media Heroes International Kickstarter - They're Just Like Any Other Superhero Team Execpt They SUCK!

Short Fuse Media Group’ s Comic Book Heroes International Launches on Kickstarter – They’re Just Like Any Other Superhero Team Except They SUCK

Short Fuse Media launches their thirteenth Kickstarter with Heroes International, marking their third Kickstarter within the Freestyle Komics imprint ran by Short Fuse Media’s Publisher, Michael Watson, and Editor in Chief, Danny Cooper.  

The book takes place within the Hotshot and Vigilance universe. It’s years after a tragic event that the media dubbed “The Zero Event” where all of the superhero population disappeared, new powered superheroes begin to emerge around the world to fill the void left by the missing heroes. Even though most of these heroes lack training and experience, a division of the government called the Extra Human Division (EHD) begins to ban a few of these heroes together as the new generation of the super team called Heroes International. Can this diverse cast of characters find a way to work together and save the world…or will they die trying?! 

There are many tiers backers can support. Grab Heroes International #1 for as low as $5! The $10 tier will get you the “Teams of Short Fuse” digital bundle, which includes, of course, Heroes International #1, CHESS #1, The Edge #1, Heroes Ignited Annual #1, Globalist #1, Pinkwing & Prime-Controller #1, and Gritt Vs. Unstoppable: For the Glory #1 – that’s SEVEN books for only $10. The rewards between $15 to $50 have a great mixture of bundles that include Heroes International #1-3, the Heroes International: Sourcebook #1, and the Extra Human Division (EHD) Explainer Pamphlet

Higher tiers offer great goodies as well: T-shirts, action figures, a chance to help develop YOUR OWN COMIC, and even an opportunity to appear on a comic book cover. Their biggest tier at $1000, and one of the most unique, gives you a chance to grab the comic book and allows you to get YOUR superhero IP as an action figure, and an invitation to be part of our Indieverse Unlimited Action Figures wave that will be mass produced and distributed with an accompanying anthology comic featuring YOUR character. Remember Short Fuse Media, #AlwaysDelivers. So you do not want to miss backing this project!

The Kickstarter ends on November 10th at 5 PM EST with an already past goal of $2,500. Check out the Kickstarter page here

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