Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Jeff Whitman Teases What's To Come for The Loud House

Comic Frontline had a chance to talk with Assistant Editor of Papercutz, Jeff Whitman, about their collection of Loud House graphic novels where we discuss Sam, Los Casagrandes, and the graphic novel's new format.

The Loud House After Dark Volume 5 is now available at your local comic book store.

Comic Frontline: Both Volume 5 and 6 are going to be continuous stories. Can you tell us a bit about these stories, and what made you decide to go this route? 

Jeff Whitman: For the past 4 volumes, we had shorter stories which were fun, but we wanted to spend more time with the characters-almost mimicking an episode of The Loud House. Breaking the continuous story up into smaller parts that interconnect allows the talented creators keep manageable workloads while building this 100 page epic story, brick by brick!

Frontline: What story are you most excited for fans to read? 

Whitman: The stories keep sprouting in fun and unexpected directions as we foster collaboration between the writers and the artists. Volume 5 has some great stories you may have just read. Volume 6 builds on that enthusiasm and really takes the journey to a new level!

Frontline: When “L is for Love” aired the writers didn’t expect the episode to be as big as it was. So it’s taken some time for Sam to have a big role on the TV show, but the comic has had an opportunity to add more of Sam. What has it been like slowly fleshing out this character through her appearances in the graphic novels. Do you plan to have more stories with her? 

Whitman: Sam has a role in Volume 6. We invite writers to write about their favorite characters or include characters that they might not to spend time with on the show. If they are having fun, the stories will be fun.
Frontline: One of my favorite things about the show and graphic novels is how both have grown to add more than Lincoln’s point of view to the narrative. Are there any particular supporting characters from The Loud House world you want to tackle? 

Whitman: The sky is the limit! We are trying to be as current as we can! 

Frontline: This is going to be a tough one, but which Loud family member is your favorite?

Whitman: It depends now whichever story is on my desk! Lana and Hops seem so timeless in Volume 5, just a girl and her frog out searching for worms. 

Frontline: Can you walk us through the collaborative process of putting one of these graphic novels together from creative team to your partnership with Nickelodeon? 

Whitman: Every step of the way is a creative discussion. Ideas start as pitches between the writers and editorial team, and then something things get expanded upon in the script page, then the artist might have even more ideas. By that time, the colorist and letterer will add their magic to complete the comic. Some volumes have over 20 collaborators- so it is a lot of talking and emails, but keeps things very fresh. 
Frontline: Is there a story from these graphic novels that you are particularly proud of?

Whitman: I was very proud in Volume 2 when we got to shift some of the spotlight onto some of the secondary characters like Clyde’s family and the Casagrandes. Watching the creative team go to town  at every point of the process is really special. 

Frontline: When the Los Casagrandes television show airs would you like to do a graphic novel series dedicated to their show?

Whitman: The Casagrandes will continue to be in our Loud House stories just as they appear from time to time on The Loud House show. 

Frontline: Is there a pair of characters you feel like haven’t gotten enough screen/panel time together that you would like to see a story with? 

Whitman: The graphic novels are structured to allow a lot of opportunities to get characters in. Even when artists are doing a crowd scene we encourage them to add some of their favorite characters as cameos when it’s possible. Volume 7 is going to be looking at a lot of different relationships with characters who may not have had a lot of screen time together. 

Frontline: Can you tease anything about the upcoming Loud House stories Papercutz has planned?  

Whitman: Loud House 6 will be a wild ride! Lots of new faces there and some talented artists are making their debut! It is a nice tour of all the things that make The Loud House a heartfelt, inclusive, and fun show!

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