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Frontline Reviews For The Week Of May 01, 2019 - Review Of The Villain!

Join us on the Frontlines with our weekly review roundup. This is where we have assembled to give our thoughts on various issues that are released each week. This week we have Jay giving reviews for books from Action LabDC ComicsIDW Publishing, and Marvel Comics! Check out the reviews below and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter. Welcome to the FRONTLINE  REVIEWS, hope you enjoy the experience!

Written By: Massimo Rosi
Pencils By: Ludovica Ceregatti
Colors By: Renalto Stevanato
Letters By: Mattia Gentili
Cover By: Ludovica Ceregatti
Price: $3.99

Gaijin, a foreign anthropomorphic salamander Samurai is in a Feudal Japan in the middle of a war between the frogs and the invading lizards. I like when comics break out of the box and go for something new, and pull from other sources and Rosi does a great job with Homer's Batrachomyomachia or the Battle of Frogs and Mice and delivers an engaging piece of art. What Rosi does with words, Geregatti manages to capture with the art, the style really sets us in Feudal Japan allowing us to more emerge in the story. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ½ Stars

"Gang War" 
Written By: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils By: Carlo Barberi
Inks By: Matt Santorelli
Colors By: Protobunker
Letters By: Rob Leigh
Cover By: Dan Mora
Price: $3.99

The Injustice War is here and Robin and Superboy are bringing the fight to them. It is no secret about how much I have been enjoying the Super Sons, and the streak continues here! Tomasi continues to transport me back to a more innocent time when I was a kid and comics were about fantasy, adventure, and fun. That is what I get in this issue, two friends taking on a freaking awesome army of villains and you never know what is going to happen next. Welcome back, Carlo Barberi! I love Barberi's style he has this energy in his art that makes me feel like I should be laying on the floor reading this book and watching Saturday morning cartoons in the best possible way! ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ¾ Stars

"Going Viral"
Written By: Tom Taylor
Art By: Trevor Hairsine & Stefano Gaudiano (1-6, 15-26) and James Harren (7-14)
Colors By: Rainberedo
Letters By: Saida Temofonte
Cover By: Greg Capulo And FCO Plascencia
Variant Covers By: Francesco Mattina And Yasmine Putri
Price: $3.99

Darkseid is... The end of the DC Universe? Darkseid gets the Anti-life Equation and sets out a plague that destroys Apocalypse and spreads through Earth. I am not a big fan of zombie stories, maybe it is Walking Dead exhaustion but Taylor does something cool and interesting here tying it into the lore of the DCU and spreading it through a unique method. This was a great start to this event that nicely sets the stage and lets us know by the end how deadly it can be. Taylor has done a great job with the darker side of the DCU with Injustice and this seems to be even darker and I am in. The art team does a great job with this issue really bringing home the thriller aspect. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ½ Stars


"Chapter 1 Doom"
Written By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Jim Cheung
Colors By: Tomeu Morey
Letters By: Tom Napolitano

"Chapter 2 Leviathan"
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: Alex Maleev
Letters By: Joshua Reed

"Chapter 3 Justice"
Written By: James Tynion IV
Art By: Francis Manapul
Letters By: Tom Napolitano

Cover By:
Variant Covers By: Jim Cheung & Tomeu Morey, Alex Maleev, and Stanley Lau
Price: $0.25

The year of the villain kicks off with a BABOOOOM! This was a solid offering and a great way to hype up and kick off the Year of the Villain event! Each chapter gave us a feel of other things tied into this event like the whole Legion of Doom story from Justice League, Bane's cabal from Batman, Leviathan from Action Comics & Event Leviathan and even The Batman Who Laughs from the upcoming Secret Six giving us the scope of this event. I have to admit when Luthor blew himself up I was thinking, ok he teleported out at the last minute or something but I didn't see the ending with Perpetua. Each art team did a great job here as well they both set their stories apart from each other while not making them too different that it was jarring. This issue renewed my interests in some books and has me excited for the Year of The Villain. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ¾ Stars

"Seven Crises Part 5"
Written By: Brian Michael Bendis
Art By: John Timms, Kris Anka, & Evan "Doc" Shaner
Colors By: Gabe Eltaeb
Letters By: Wes Abbott
Cover By: Patrick Gleason & Alejandro Sanchez
Variant Cover By: Kris Anka
Price $3.99

Since the series began some questions needed answers especially about how they all remember each other and we get some of those answers here as the teens face off with Dark Opal. Bendis does a great job filling in some information on the teens and how they remember, but it makes the main story on Gemworld suffer and feel like it has been going on longer than it has been. The art team does a solid job especially on Teen Lantern where she actually looks like a teen and not an eight-year-old. I think the bigger story is the one with the original team and how they remember each other and the rest of the story feels a little cluttery and should have been the second arc after the original team got together, but this was still a solid issue. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ¼ Stars

"The Ruby Egress Part One"
Written By: Matthew K. Manning
Art By: Jon Sommarvia
Colors By: Photobunker
Letters By: Christa Miesner
Cover By: Jon Sommarvia
Variant Cover By: Chad Thomas & Nick Filardi
Price: $3.99

Doctor Strange has been taken and as Thor and Captain Marvel go to rescue him, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Black Widow take on Count Nefaria. I enjoyed this issue, but out of the four released so far this one was my least favorite as it felt like I came into the middle of a story arc and not the first part. The art is still solid with a nice animated flair to it. If you're looking for classic take of your favorite Avengers this is the series for you. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 Stars

Written By: Delilah S. Dawson
Art By: Fico Ossio
Colors By: Ronda Pattison
Letters By: Shawn Lee
Cover By: Fico Ossio
Variant Cover By: Nick Roche & Josh Burcham
Price: $3.99

The Spider-Men meet Spider-Gwen as they take on the Lizard. I love this series! This issue gives us that big reveal where Peter, Miles, and Gwen all learn about each other being Spider-people while meeting their first villain, the Lizard. Dawson did a great job tying Gwen and Miles origins together, but not leaving Peter out with using the Lizard as the main villain given her origin in the comics and that the Lizard was the first villain from the FOX animated series. Ossio does a great job bringing a new yet familiar take on these characters with an animated tone. Marvel keeps making Spider-Gwen a part of their main continuity outside of the main comic line and I think this would make a great beginning to a new "Ultimate Universe" line of books. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ½ Stars

"Old Friends And New"
Written By: Jim Zub
Art By: Juanan Ramirez
Colors By: Marcio Menyz
Letters By: VC's Clayton Cowles
Cover By: Kim Jacinto
Price: $3.99

Ms. Marvel is feeling the pressure as the other realms invade Midgard, with her best friends gone, her team going through interpersonal turmoil an old friend returns to let Kamala know she can do it and that the Champions are needed. I loved this issue! This was maybe my favorite one of this volume! We got this great scene with Kamala and Scott where he comes back to help his team, it is but disturbing and awesome. Zub did a great job balancing Cyclops and Ms. Marvel where he steps in to boost her without taking her power from her reminding me of the days when Storm would lead and Scott would be there to help. Menyz does a great job with the art here balancing the tones of the story using the lighter and darker tones at just the right moments. Ramirez handles the emotions in the issue perfectly delivering home every bit of emotion the script gives us. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ½ Stars

"Family Unit Part 4"
Written By: Robbie Thompson
Art By: Niko Henrichon
Colors By: Laurent Grossat
Letters By: V.C.'s Travis Lanham
Cover By: Marcos Martin
Price: $3.99

The Warner's mission is revealed just as they are betrayed. WOW! This issue really delivered! This whole time we thought Ivy was dead, but she is being used to help locate Skrull sleeper agents and the Warner's handler betrays them? Thompson does such a great job with the character moments and emotional beats while keeping us on our toes throwing curve balls at every turn. Henrichon did an amazing job delivering the action and the emotion especially when the two intersected in the fight between the parents. ~ Jay @ComicBookTheate
Verdict: 4 ¾ Stars

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