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Top 5 Panels Of The Week - 8/28/19

Welcome Comic Frontline's Top 5 Panels! This is where the Frontline Six unite to pick their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week's post, we will announce the winner from the poll.

Fan Panel Pick From Last Week - Superior Spider-Man #10 - I Wanted You to Like Me


Honorable Mention - Marvel Comics #1000 - Young Avengers Forever

I hope this means we will be getting more Young Avengers in the future. 

5. Runaways #24 - Super Zeroes

This whole sequence was hysterical!

4. Batman Curse of the White Knight #2 - Some Detective

I've always felt that there is so much story potential with Gordon knowing his daughter is Batgirl. Excited to see where Sean Murphy will take this dynamic!

3. Marvel Comics #1000 - Ben

Ben will always have a legacy!

2. Spider-Man Life Story #6 - …I Had This Dream

What a beautiful ending!

1. Marvel Comics #1000 - Because of Her/I Stayed For Gwen

I was WOWed by this story from Gerry Conway and Greg Land. What a beautiful window into MJ's soul. It was a nice change of pace to see Gwen's death from the perspective of MJ instead of Peter.


5. Batman/Superman #1 - You Mean Human

This exchange exemplifies Batman and Superman's relationship. Supes tries to relate to Bats, Bats looks for a deeper meaning. Simple phrasing, impactful meaning.

4. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 - I'm an Expert

Love how MJ focused this issue was, and her giving Miles some props was a nice scene.

3. Dial H for Hero #6 - SuperMiguel!

I love that this story, Miguel's journey, finally culminates in him being the hero he idolized and desired to be. Well done.

2. Absolute Carnage #2 - Scorpion vs. Spider

Spoiler Alert: The Spider wins.

1. Marvel Comics #1000 - I Stayed For Gwen /Because of Her

There were SO many panels I could have pulled from this book, but I loved this page. This secret story of MJ and Gwen and how close they were, and what Gwen's death meant to MJ. And that just served to strengthen the bond between her and Peter. In one page, at least for me, it kind of took away that stigma of MJ being a replacement for Gwen. Instead, it cemented the fact that in Gwen's death, Peter and MJ found each other and bonded over it. Love this page.


5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42 - The Spiker The Better!

This is a great panel showing two badass Rangers fighting in former wear while also showing a little bit of their fun side. I love it when Trini is given that fun side, she was so often relegated to being a wallflower.

4. Marvel Comics #1000 - Young Avengers Assemble!

This just gives me hope that the original team could be coming back, and I hope it is like this story and is by the original creative team of Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung, no others will do. I just hope this isn't another tease/promise that Marvel doesn't deliver.

3. Justice League #30 - The Justice Society Of America!

I LOVED this page! Man to see this team again like this was just awesome, and I love that Barry was there and the smoke around them, all very much a throwback to their original meeting. And can I just say how much I loved seeing each an every member of the JSA here?

2. Marvel Comics #1000 - Reborn...

WOW! I am a big fan of the Heroes Reborn books, so it was nice to see it mentioned here, but it is the message of this that made it my #2. The way it inspires and the way it honors not just Cap, but that he is a soldier who fought and sacrificed for this country and that inspires and deserves thanks and respect. 

1. Marvel Comics #1000 - The Route...

This was a powerful one. The way Donny Cates uses Peter's Spider-Senses to reflect the hard emotions he experiences in these spots is just brilliant and Geoff Shaw really hits the tone and emotional beats with the art. Just a powerful piece.


5. Marvel Comics #1000 - Because of Her/I Stayed For Gwen

For this weeks panels I wanted to celebrate Marvel's 80th birthday. So I selected five of my favorite pages from Marvel #1000. Marvel means a lot to me. If it wasn’t for some of the artists and writers that wrote for Marvel, I might have never have gotten into comic books.

This was a great little story that shows the relationship between MJ and Gwen Stacy.

4. Marvel Comics #1000 - Force of X

This story had me cracking up, plus it brought me back to the early 90's with this one. Rob Liefeld pokes fun at himself, which is cool.

3. Marvel Comics #1000 - Monsters

Kelly Thompson wrote West Coast Avengers this past year and introduced one of my favorite new characters, Jeff the baby Landshark. Even Elsa Bloodstone fell victim to his cuteness.

2. Marvel Comics #1000 - The MJ Memoirs

J. Scott Campbell is one of my favorite cover artists ever! He has been doing Spidey covers for years and to see him write a short story based off of those covers was brilliant. The artwork was beautiful as always!

1. Marvel Comics #1000 - Trading Foes

Erik Larsen is the writer and artist that truly hooked me on a month to month bases. So when I read this story and saw the art this really brought me back. I love Spidey's humor here  as he is trying to get a one up over the Thing in a battle against Venom.

Top 5 Panels Of The Week - 8/28/19

Runaways #24 - Super Zeroes
Batman Curse of the White Knight #2 - Some Detective
Marvel Comics #1000 - Ben
Spider-Man Life Story #6 - …I Had This Dream
Marvel Comics #1000 - Because of Her/I Stayed For Gwen
Batman/Superman #1 - You Mean Human
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #11 - I'm an Expert
Dial H for Hero #6 - SuperMiguel!
Absolute Carnage #2 - Scorpion vs. Spider
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #42 - The Spiker The Better!
Marvel Comics #1000 - Young Avengers Assemble!
Justice League #30 - The Justice Society Of America!
Marvel Comics #1000 - Reborn...
Marvel Comics #1000 - The Route...
Marvel Comics #1000 - Force of X
Marvel Comics #1000 - Monsters
Marvel Comics #1000 - The MJ Memoirs
Marvel Comics #1000 - Trading Foes
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