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Unleashed #1 Advance Review

Unleashed #1 Advanced Review
By: Jay

The Zenescope big event starts here! The Being sets his end game in motion when he opens a portal to the shadow realm, a realm where a legion of monsters have been trapped for centuries. Until now. But all hope is not lost. When the portal was open four time lost monster hunters escaped as well, but will they be enough to fight the evil that the Being has unleashed?

The storm is approaching as the Being prepares for the ritual to open the portal to the shadow realm. The Being's plan takes form as he uses the blood of a God to open the portal and releases the monsters that Sela and her allies had banished there long ago. As the Being fights Sela and Van Helsing they receive help from someone with greater power than the Being expected.. In the Realm of the Keepers, six figures watch on but something blocks them from the truth as the Being tells Samira more about his plan.

Summer is here and with Summer comes the years big events. Every year around this time comic book companies break the glass case and bring out their big events for the year. Unleashed is Zenescope’s offering this year and I am loving it!

I’m relatively new to Zenescope having only recently read GodstormRobyn Hood, and Robyn Hood Vs Red Ridding Hood, which is just a small portion of their universe.  The great thing about the writer Patrick Shand is that you can be totally new to these characters like me and it doesn’t matter. His books grab you by the shirt and pull you in. Shand has found a way to write for both the new reader and the long time reader alike that seems to have been forgotten by most writers today.

When I received the advanced copy of Unleashed #1 I was thrilled to read it. I have been eagerly awaiting this issue since I read Unleashed #0 (available now).  While I highly suggest you pick up Unleashed #0, you don’t have to read it to jump on board Unleashed #1. I’m a huge Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fan, and what Shand is doing with Unleashed reminds me of the huge grand season finales that Joss Whedon would do for Buffy. The story is building right now, but you can feel this is going to be an epic event.

The art team of Carlos Paul, Jacob Bear and Miguel Mendonca do a great job here. They give us a wonderful visual treat that compliments Shand’s story. They can go from the sensuality of the women, to the terror enducing feel of the the Being and other monsters with ease. This team does really well with distinguishing the vampires and other monsters. You can really see this in the big group scenes. They give each type of monster a distinct look while also making each one in that group look like individual and not faceless cannon fodder.

I highly recommend everyone go pick this up. I enjoyed this so much that even though I received an advanced copy of this issue digitally I am going to go pick up the paper form because I enjoyed it that much.

Are you going to pick up Unleashed #1 when it hits shops this Wednesday? Let us know in the comments.

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