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Fireside Tales #1: A Review For The Whole Family

Fireside Tales #1: A Review For The Whole Family

Turn off your lanterns, pull up a log roast some marshmallows, sit back and enjoy the latest edition to the Fireside Tales. The latest book from Last Ember Press, that interlocks three different yet equally entertaining tales in one book.

The first tale is Char-Maggeon an average adorable little girl named Charlotte Eden who possesses abilities and powers far beyond those of the average 4th grader. She goes from playing video games to busting up a bank robbery. Char-Maggedon is just adorable. She is that little girl that puts that fun spin on Sugar & Spice & everything nice. John Wilson does and excellent job balancing the sugar and the spice. 

The second tale is EEK! Li'l Monsters. The story is about Boo a ghostly girl who decides it is time to move out of the crowded cemetery into a house filled with all our favorite monsters but in an itty bitty spin. We have everyone from Franklin (Frankenstein) to Chaney (Wolfman) to Gilley (The Creature From The Black Lagoon) there and more! Lisa Moore does an amazing job on the colors bringing the story to life and making me feel like I am in this amazingly fun world. Again these characters are just plain old adorable. They make you want to move in to the house and help Chaney chase Gilley.

The final tale is a short one titled Tin Town. Tin Town takes place in a small part of town where Robots live, and one family finds a human baby on their doorstep. The family decides to keep the baby even though humans are not allowed. The story reminds me of a classic sitcom.

Fireside Tales does something I have never seen done before, it connects all three stories in a unique fun way. Charlotte asks her mom to read her, her favorite story after the bank robbery in Char-Mageddon and that is, EEK! Li'l Monsters whose favorite TV Show is Tin Town! The three stories are just all around adorable. The stories flow so nicely into each other that I give the story 4 1/4 stars since I would have liked more, like each one to be a 22 page story.

The art in each tale is by a different art team, but they blend really nicely together while standing out. Each team really captured the feel of each tale from the superheroics of Char-Maggedon to the children's story paneling of EEK! Li'l Monsters, to the invocation of nostalgia TV that Tin Town brings. I give the art 4 1/4 stars.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and think it is a book that kids to adults can sit down and enjoy alone or together. With the story getting 4 1/4 stars and the art getting 4 1/4 stars I give this an overall of 4 1/4 stars and highly recommend picking this up.

Char-Mageddon and EEK! Li’l Monsters Created/Written By: JOHN WILSON
Char-Mageddon Pencils By: RUDI SUCIPTO
Char-Mageddon Inks By: TASH GRASON
Char-Mageddon Colors By: LISA MOORE
EEK! Li’l Monsters Art By: EMILY RESINGER
Tin Town Written By: BRANT FOWLER
Letters/Logo By: BRANT FOWLER
Price: $4.00
24 pages, All Ages

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