Wednesday, November 30, 2016

RessurXion: Meet the Next Class of X-Men in GENERATION X!

Meet the Next Class of X-Men in GENERATION X!
New Series Launching as Part of ResurrXion

For the first time in years, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning throws open its doors once again in GENERATION X #1! Join writer Christina Strain (Runaways, Civil War II: Choosing Sides) and artist Amilcar Pinna (Astonishing X-Men, All-New Ultimates) as they join forces to bring fans the next generation of mutantkind – if the students survive!

Once a shining beacon and safe haven for young mutants everywhere, the next class of X-Men begin their long journey right here at the Xavier Institute. But let’s face it: not all mutants are created equal. Some young mutants aren’t cut out to be the next X-Men. You just hope will survive their first run-in with a Sentinel. But Jubilee isn’t about to sell her class of underdogs short. Under her instruction and mentorship, she hopes to navigate them through growing pains and dangers that would put even the most seasoned X-Men to the test!
“Traditionally, the Xavier Institute’s been the place for societally rejected young mutants to seek shelter. Once there, they’re taught how to properly harness their powers and sometimes, after graduating, some of them have gone on to become full-fledged X-Men. But let’s be real for a second. Not every young mutant is X-Men material…”
 — Christina Strain 

What do you do when you’re the outcasts among the outcasts? When you don’t fit in – even at the school you were promised you’d belong? You forge your own path. Welcome to Generation X, hope you survive the experience! It all kicks off this Spring when Strain & Pinna bring you GENERATION X #1!

The Generation X title was co-created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo in 1994 in the wake of the Phalanax Covenant event. The original team starred Jubilee and new teen students of the Xavier's new Massachusetts Academy under the tutelage of Banshee and Emma Frost. As with the previous announcements, the teaser art includes classic comic book art highlighting the title’s history as well as that of the franchise’s other teen books. The book’s creative team and cast are also unknown at this time. The series was also responsible for Emma Frost’s rehabilitation from the Hellfire Club's White Queen into a mainstay X-Man, who eventually won the heart of longtime leader Cyclops with whom was the co-headmaster of the Xavier Institute For Higher Learning.

Generation X was neither the first or last teen X-Team to spin out of the X-Men franchise. The first was the New Mutants, which introduced a fan favorite team consisting of Danielle Moonstar (Mirage), CannonballKarmaSunspotWolfsbane, who were later joined by MagicMagmaCypher and Warlock. Throughout the history of the X-Men new young characters have been introduced like the squads of New X-Men: Academy X, and the post-Decimation X Young X-Men.

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