Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So What Now?

This week, on my last Weekly Anime Lineup I announced that it would sadly be my last. Does this mean this is the end? Not all! I'm just reorganizing things! More on how this shall go under the glorious read more button!

Why did I decide to stop in the first place?: 

My original goal for writing these was 2 things. First, I loved anime and wanted to become more known in the community. 2nd but more importantly, I wanted to bring attention to my own writing. I figured this would work, because my stuff is for the most part very anime themed. I still love anime, and still intended to do works and videos about it.

The weekly article is starting to feel like more of a chore. A chore that gets in a way of my actual story writing. So not only does the stuff I do work on not get a lot of attention compared to the article, I don't have as much motivation to write my stuff either. In other words, my current path isn't working out for my goals. So I feel I should switch it up a bit!

Why didn't you finish the season before wrapping up writing the articles?: 

There tends to be an overlap where Summer season ends and Fall begins. I would just get stuck with the next batch, and you guys still wouldn't get to see me write the conclusions of all my shows. I will resolve this in another way. More about that in another section. I don't want to be an ass and just spring this on everyone entirely. 

What Anime Related Stuff Will You Be Doing Now?: 

I will continue to watch everything, because I do enjoy that! At the end of every season, I will write what I think of the shows I watched. Just a paragraph or two after the series has wrapped up. 

Or maybe just an article about the stuff that was and wasn't worth watching which will be a bit different. Either way, you guys will be getting an article on Frontline after every anime season ends, or is getting close. 

Some of you may have also noticed that I upload to YouTube every Friday. I'm mostly using it to narrate stories, which I have discovered that I really enjoy! I'm going to use it for a few things. I think anime will be one of those things. I have always wanted to do something like reviewing a bad anime. I might do it now! 

So to summarize. There will be my thoughts on anime of the season after it ends, in some fashion. There will also be an me YouTube content as well. 

Where can I see your content not posted on Frontline? 

I have my own blogger where I will try to post all my content! Here are links to my other accounts on social media! 

Either way, I hope you all arent too disappointed! I do always try to deliver quality content and will continue to do so! 

I just need to go for my true goal! I've been neglecting my characters and stories for a bit too long! Time to focus on them! I hope if any of my readers are also writers or artists, this will serve as the inspiration you need to throw yourself into your craft! 

I bid you adieu until my next post!

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