Friday, February 20, 2015

Breaking News: Aquaman Costume Revealed!

Late last night Zack Snyder did it again. Last year he lit Twitter up with his tweets of the Batmobile, Ben Affleck in the cape and cowl, and Henry Cavill in the Superman costume for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. This time he has taken on the King Of The Seven Seas himself, Aquaman when he Tweeted out the first pic of Jason Momoa as Aquaman, trident and all!

The tweet went out late last night with the hashtag #UniteTheSeven. Kat and I broke the news with a Breaking News Live Report. We speculated on if Unite The Seven was a reference to him being King of the Seven Seas, or if this could be a media campaign that will see "Big 7" (Well Big 6 and Cyborg) as they Unite The Seven members of the Justice League movies? Jason Momoa will make his debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on March 25, 2016 followed by him joining the Justice League in 2017 before leading his own movie in 2018.

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